Raising an “eco baby”

I have been interested in healthy life choices as far as I remember. Opting for green(er) products for my baby, such that do not contain toxic ingredients and are also environmentally friendly, was therefore an obvious decision. Even more so since according to studies children, including infants, are often at different and increased risk from environmental hazards than adults.

But I soon realised that with a plethora of products labelled “green”, “bio” and “natural”, choosing the right ones was easier said than done. Especially given the prevalence of greenwashing, that is false or misleading claims about the eco-friendliness of a product or service. It all boiled down to reading the small print – the labels –, which seemed quite overwhelming at times.

I was therefore very pleased when I came across an Eco Baby Certification course that helped me to better decipher what was good and what less good for my baby. Above all, I learned the importance of taking small steps as far as raising an “eco baby” is concerned and that less is more (i.e. quality before quantity).

Are you also interested in knowing which are the toxic substances to keep away from your baby? Would you like to find out more about locally-available eco options to choose from for your child? Or would you prefer receiving comprehensive advice on how to set up an “eco baby” nursery?

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