Jane Nelsen’s Positive Discipline (cont.)

The latter of the four – working with children on solutions instead of punitive measures – is an important concept referred to throughout the book. As common sense as it might seem, problems cannot be solved when there is too much emotion involved so a cooling off period is needed.


Jane Nelsen’s Positive Discipline

I made use of a bit calmer time this summer when my girl was at her grandparents’ house to finally read this classic by Jane Nelsen aimed at helping children develop self-discipline, responsibility, cooperation and problem-solving skills. The book did not disappoint!

What is “normal”?

I remember very clearly a moment a few years ago when my girl was around five. We were having a conversation about our family friends and all of a sudden, she said: “Yes, they were married and are now divorced, just like you and my dad.” That was the first time she actually said it […]

Is it expensive to raise an “eco baby”?

You might have noticed that Singleparentopia.com now also offers personalised advice on green baby options (healthy & eco-friendly). The initial reaction that I often get when discussing this topic with parents is the perceived high expense of such baby products. But is this really the case?