Stay safe and strong – week VI

It has been six weeks, six weeks since the beginning of the lockdown! We’re entering the month of May next week. Who would have ever thought that a virus could have such an impact on literally every corner of the World? Just as if someone had pressed “pause” on a remote control and everything stopped.

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Stay safe and strong – week V

What was a “usual” busy quarantine week, ended with an announcement by the authorities about a gradual easing of covid-19 related measures as of 27 April. It felt like a relief – finally there was a light at the end of the tunnel, albeit small.

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Stay safe and strong – week II

End of week II of semi-confinement and we’re all more or less sane and happy! No, seriously, I’m starting to enjoy this dramatic change of our life pace – no rushing out of the house early in the morning, no more hasty school drop-offs and pick-ups and doing an x- number of other stuff.

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Stay safe and strong – week I

Although it was to be expected further to the restrictions imposed in the neighbouring countries, the Federal Council’s announcement on March 13 still came as a shock. Due to covid-19 all schools would close until April 4 – with the Easter break added effectively until April 20 – and further to that the Canton of […]

Positive Discipline with Izumi from iPositiveLINC

I’m really excited to share with you this interview with Izumi Takase, Positive Discipline Trainer for parents, in the classroom, early childhood and for leaders. It was through Izumi and one of her workshops that I first came across Positive Discipline and I’m very grateful that she took the time for this interview.

Jane Nelsen’s Positive Discipline (cont.)

The latter of the four – working with children on solutions instead of punitive measures – is an important concept referred to throughout the book. As common sense as it might seem, problems cannot be solved when there is too much emotion involved so a cooling off period is needed.

Jane Nelsen’s Positive Discipline

I made use of a bit calmer time this summer when my girl was at her grandparents’ house to finally read this classic by Jane Nelsen aimed at helping children develop self-discipline, responsibility, cooperation and problem-solving skills. The book did not disappoint!