“Rise and shine” or what is your morning ritual?

I am a big fan of podcasts and in many of those on a healthy lifestyle and personal development praise the importance of having a morning ritual. The benefits of a morning ritual are well known and a number of successful businesspersons find it essential for their productivity and performance during the day. Of course I […]

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From Geneva with love

Before coming to Geneva in 2010 I had worked in several different cities. But Geneva is the place where I have stayed the longest – six years and counting. It is also the only expat location that I have been to with a child.

Time to pause

Time to pause

As much as we love our children, the reality is that sometimes it all gets a bit overwhelming (to put it mildly;-). I adore Brian Gordon’s cartoons on parenting – hilarious and so true;)

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Staying fit

One thing that tends to come up in conversations with working (single) parents is the lack of time to exercise. To be very honest, I often catch myself finding all sorts of excuses why I cannot exercise as much as I would like to.