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Mastering time

It has been a while since I wrote last about time management. In between I have come to a realisation that while I am pretty good at ticking simple daily tasks off my to-do list, the same is not true for more strategic, long-term objectives.


What to do when a person behaves in a way that you find unacceptable? For example, s/he penetrates your personal space by yelling at you or not respecting your time? Do you just put up with it and work on your thoughts?

A better self

As you know I am a huge fan of different podcasts, especially those on healthy living and personal development. I regularly listen to a number of them and in the latter category I came across Brooke Castillo’s The Life Coach School podcast some months ago.

A new beginning

While children are in general resilient and manage well to adapt to changes, it is still important to give a careful though to how to go about introducing them to your new partner.


The other D word

While probably not the first thing that comes to your mind after going through the complicated separation and divorce periods, single parents eventually do contemplate about whether or not to get involved into a new romantic relationship.