Deep work by Cal Newport

I bought this book some two years ago and somehow forgot about it for a while. I re-started reading it as my first 2019 book, also to keep up with my goal to read at least one book per month. I know, this might not seem a very ambitious goal, especially since some of the […]


Welcome 2019!

And so it started – 2019! I don’t know whether it was the lack of snow or the fact that for the first time in many years I was actually at work on the 31st but the end of the year kind of felt like any other “normal” day. Well, I did try to impress […]

Au revoir 2018

And here we are again – it is almost the end of the year! Perhaps it is just me but it seems as if the time just flew by and for more than a month now we have been bombarded with Christmas songs, decorations and sales at every corner.

Is it worth eating organic?

At our home we opt for organic food as much as possible. I have always thought that although not perfect, the amount of control behind organic products makes them a better choice than those conventional. But does the science support this?

Is it expensive to raise an “eco baby”?

You might have noticed that now also offers personalised advice on green baby options (healthy & eco-friendly). The initial reaction that I often get when discussing this topic with parents is the perceived high expense of such baby products. But is this really the case?

Carol Dweck’s Mindset

An absolute must read for every parent! The main thread of the book are two mindsets – the fixed and the growth one, applied to different situations, such as sports, school, workplace, relationships, and of course parenting.

Asking for help

I have never been really at ease asking for help, especially in relation to my life as a single mum. It had to be a really desperate situation for me to do so and it would happen only after having exhausted all other options.