Child Parenting

New realities

It has been almost three weeks now since the schools and the crèches reopened. At the beginning a bit timidly and as of this week, at least in the canton of Geneva, the situation is returning more and more back to normal.

The sanitary and the physical distancing rules are still in place but children can attend full time, including their afterschool activities. Mine are super happy to have found their friends and the usual almost forgotten daily rhythm and cannot wait to leave the house in the morning.

This also means that mummy can now fully focus on her work, which is a big relief after weeks and weeks of trying to excel at being a multi-tasking ninja. I have gotten used to working from home though – out of necessity perhaps, but it does feel good not having to rush out of the house in the morning and spend time in commute, eat more of the home-cooked food, change working stations several times per day and fit in some exercise while on calls.

While we haven’t tried eating out yet, our grocery shopping is no longer an exceptional exercise, although I still prefer doing it alone, usually early in the day when they are no queues. In general, it seems not many people wear face masks although they are now easily available everywhere. Seeing some of the disposable masks nonchalantly thrown away on the pavements and in the parks, I wonder about the contribution of the pandemic to the amount of the waste worldwide.

After (virtually) talking to my colleagues the other day I realised that I’m the only one who hasn’t worn the mask yet and unless they become mandatory (or I display any COVID-19 symptoms) this will probably not change. We haven’t even bought any.

As we’re approaching the end of May, the Swiss authorities announced some further easing of the COVID-19 related measures. As of 6 June, we will be able to go to the movies, visit zoos and enjoy swimming pools and spas. Unless the much feared second wave happens, it seems that we might even be allowed to travel outside Switzerland for our summer break. 😊