Child Parenting

Stay safe and strong – week VII

And so the easing of the emergency measures began. One could notice that people were outside in much bigger numbers. Otherwise a rainy week and not much change in our everyday, except that the little one could spend some time in the crèche.

Even though weeks had passed since she was last there, she was extremely excited to go again. It was not the crèche as usual though. Upon arrival, we had to call the staff who picked her up at the entrance door, where strict physical distancing rules had to be observed. We also had to bring her own food because the kitchen facilities remained closed and the number of children per group was very limited. As usual, she was pleased to say “bye bye” to mummy and leave with the nursery staff.

Albeit limited, this was a huge relief on the work front. Finally, I could actually do some focused work during daytime, without being (at least constantly) interrupted. And the little one was very happy to re-discover the crèche environment again, play with some of her friends and proud to show me her drawing when I picked her up.

I must say I really appreciated that even after they had limited their services to the minimum on 16 March, the nursery educators surprised us with an hour long recording of songs, stories, recipes etc. that brought smiles on my girls’ faces.

Towards the end of the week the authorities also provided more detail as to what will be allowed to open on 11 May in addition to primary schools.

In principle until 25 May, going back to primary schools will be done only on a part-time basis and a plan will be put in place, outlining precautionary measures to protect all those involved. We’re still waiting to hear from the school as to how this will look like in practice but my daughter is pretty excited about seeing her school friends again, this time in person with no computer screens involved.

Another sign that things are slowly returning back to some normality were also the emails received regarding different extra-curricular activities as well as inscriptions for the summer camps.

Our summer holidays are still in a blur, especially since we do not know when the flights will be operational, but we might even opt to stay closer to home this time 😉