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Stay safe and strong – week V

What was a “usual” busy quarantine week, ended with an announcement by the authorities about a gradual easing of covid-19 related measures as of 27 April. It felt like a relief – finally there was a light at the end of the tunnel, albeit small.

The steps announced contained many “ifs”. Nevertheless, they took away at least a bit of uncertainty about what the future holds. As always, there is a divergence of opinion, especially with regard to the opening of schools. Either way, even when this happens, it will not be business as usual. The physical distancing and hygiene measures are there to stay for quite a while and so are the new ways of doing thigs.

Covid-19 had again shown how very adaptive the humankind is. Telecommute, video calls and Skype meetings have become the new normal; new ways of working that will persist even once we return to our offices. The virus will not disappear into thin air and we will need to learn how to live with it.

It is true that the pandemic, in addition to impacting the health and lives of so many, has had and will continue to have a devastating impact on a wide array of sectors, especially the economy. However, it is having at least short-term positive effects as far as the environment is concerned.

Otherwise the life in the coronaland continues. Video calls with friends and family on children’s demand (usually several times per day). Too much TV, which still makes me feel guilty. Usual siblings’ quarrels all day long and mum’s not so successful mediation.

And in the midst of it there is work. Too many emails flying around. Then daily calls with the team (children allowed) and video conferences (children tolerated :-). It often happens that working parents forget to mute their microphones so the speaker’s presentation is accompanied with all sorts of child talk.

The Easter holiday week was at least less stressful on the home school front. My blood pressure went up only when the school informed us, for the x time since the parents were forced to put on the teachers’ hat, of a new online platform that they will start using, apparently much safer than the previous one. Not so sure about that

I don’t know how you are all keeping up but I get so terribly tired by the end of the day that any sort of exercise, however carefully planned, stays on the wishful thinking list. Quick walks in the nature are all I can manage these days. It seems that my usual weekly sports courses will not be back for a while, if ever, so I am strategizing on the keeping fit front, including by slowly returning to the 16/8 intermittent fasting.

And how did your week go?