Singleparentopia - Empowering and inspiring single parents

Are you a newbie single parent and feel alone, lost, overwhelmed, even scared? Or are you one of those “veteran” single mums or dads who still appreciates some additional encouragement and useful advice?

You’re at the right place!

I know exactly what you’re going through. Not long ago I was in a pretty dark place myself – full of doubt and without any immediate family-support system (that’s the expats’ life). But you know what – I have survived and become even stronger, I believe.

Back then I wished I had somewhere to look for encouragement and advice. And this is exactly what Singleparentopia is all about. It aims to provide single parents with useful information and tools for their everyday lives, including on healthy lifestyle, (eco) parenting, and relationships. It is also meant to be a supportive community in case of questions and when in need of some friendly advice. 

In short – Singleparentopia is meant to empower and inspire all single parents out there to become the best versions of themselves!

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